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We advise you to exercise caution when sending us e-mail through the Internet; as such transmissions may not be secure..


For example, e-mail may be intercepted by a third party or may not be received by the designated person or department in a timely manner. Therefore, please do not use e-mail to send us confidential or privileged information, such as account numbers or financial information, any information that may need our immediate attention, or information we have required you to send us in a signed writing or by other express means. If you chose to do so, we will not be liable to you for any losses or damages incurred as a result of any information transmitted by you in this manner or as a result of your use of e-mail for the transmission of, or our failure to respond to e-mail that includes information that we have required you submit through another express means or medium. Please be aware that when you receive a message acknowledging your e-mail has been sent, it means that your e-mail has been routed into the Internet and not that the message has been received by us.


As you are aware, email has become the preferred method for private and corporate communication. However, email is not a private conversation; unencrypted email messages can be intercepted and read.  To ensure the confidentiality of private information sent via email and comply with regulations, Citizens Bank has implemented a new email encryption service through Zix Corporation, the leader in email encryption services. 

For both our employees and our customers, Zix Corporation makes encrypted communication easy. ZixCorp’s services allow us to send encrypted email messages to anyone, whether they are a ZixCorp customer or not.  They also allow our customers to send encrypted email messages to us. 


Secure Email Message Center

Just click on the (button with an envelope) on
the Home page.  To find out more about
ZixCorp and encrypting messages, go to http://www.uapguide.com/citizens-bank/customer

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