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On Sept. 8, 2014, Home Depot confirmed in a press release that its payment data systems have been breached, potentially affecting all its stores in Texas. Home Depot’s investigation is focusing on a timeframe from April 2014 forward.

We, at Citizens Bank, are in the process of receiving information on the accounts that were affected by the breach. As this information is received, we will take steps to protect our cardholders through fraud monitoring and, if needed, by reissuing cards. If you used your Citizens Bank debit card in a Home Depot store between April 2014 and September 2014, you may consider ordering a new card rather than waiting to see if your card was affected.

What other steps can you do to protect yourself?


  • Make sure Citizens Bank has your current contact information on file in case the bank needs to reach you.
  • Check your accounts frequently.  Consider enrolling for Debit Card Transaction alerts if you have a cell phone with text capabilities. Click here for a Text Alert Enrollment Form
  • Contact us right away if you don't recognize a transaction on your account.  
  • Contact us if you experience customer information security-related events.

Citizens Bank offers Falcon fraud protection for all customers with our debit cards.  This free service alerts our customers when an unusual transaction occurs.


In addition, our bank offers a complementary course for our customers about preventing identity theft.   To find the course go to our website at and click on > Click to Learn More.  Then click OK – to leave our site.  Find the title “Identity Theft Prevention” under the section Personal and click on View to the right of title.


If you wish to discuss this or have questions, please contact your local Citizens Bank Banking Center or call 903-984-8671.


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As you are aware, email has become the preferred method for private and corporate communication. However, email is not a private conversation; unencrypted email messages can be intercepted and read.  To ensure the confidentiality of private information sent via email and comply with regulations, Citizens Bank has implemented a new email encryption service through Zix Corporation, the leader in email encryption services.

For both our employees and our customers, Zix Corporation makes encrypted communication easy. ZixCorp’s services allow us to send encrypted email messages to anyone, whether they are a ZixCorp customer or not.  They also allow our customers to send encrypted email messages to us.


Secure Email Message Center

Just click on the (button with an envelope) on
the Home page.  To find out more about
ZixCorp and encrypting messages, go to


Home Mortgage Link

Citizens Bank is now offering its customers and prospective customers, the opportunity to apply for a mortgage loan online!  By clicking on the Blue Button on our website, a secure, online application is available 24/7. Our online mortgage application is easy to fill out and protects sensitive borrower information with the highest available industry standard encryption. Let Citizens Bank finance your home or help you build your dream home. Whether you are refinancing your home, purchasing a new home, Citizens Bank can help you finance the home that is right for you.


Citizens Bank's Mortgage Loan Originator ID# 458011. Citizens Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC. 

All loans are subject to approval.

Citizens Bank introduces secure statement delivery...

This new service allows you to safely retrieve your DDA and Savings statements on-line, utilizing an easy-to-use web-based process.

The new "e~statement" service provides secure access, utilizing dual authentication in prevention of phishing.

 Three words used to describe the new secure statement delivery service for e~statements.

SECURE - The dual authentication offers the peace of mind for everyone’s security needs.

CONVENIENT - With a few clicks of the mouse you can have access to full image enabled statements from any computer with an internet connection. You can now download, save, and print all their available online statements for your documentation needs.

ECO-FRIENDLY - An environmentally friendly way to retrieve your financial records.

Just print and complete the E-Statement Enrollment Form and turn it in to your local banking center.



For more information about FDIC insurance coverage of non interest-bearing transaction accounts, visit 


Citizens Bank's Mortgage Loan Originator ID# 458011

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